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1.1 We offer optional paid services on the site through the purchase of Humis to convert or convert into purchase of services or virtual items. These optional services consist of participating in certain games and activities, having access to the supplementary list of the survival pass, subscribing to the Huminecraft Club, obtaining cosmetics and providing "virtual furniture" to fill your room.


1.2 All products available on the huminecraft.com website store are kept on the server, and access to these products is subject to these Terms of Use.

These products can not be downloaded to your computer.


1.3 We may, at our option, remove or add new optional services.


1.4 We determine the payment terms for optional services and these terms and conditions may vary over time. We can offer Humis that can be used to obtain optional services. Humis are deducted from your account as you make purchases. In no case are the Humis convertible into euros.


1.5 Except as otherwise provided by law or in connection with special service offers, no payment or fees will be refunded. In particular, no right of withdrawal can be exercised, especially from the beginning of the use of Humis purchased by the user to access an optional service (Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code). The Humis are provided within 24 hours after acceptance of payment.


1.6 When you order us services and in particular optional services through the site, and subject to the applicable legal provisions, you can not, from the provision of these services, terminate the existing contract between you and we that by respecting the provisions of these Terms of Use that may accompany the offer of certain Services.

1.7 If you are under the age of eighteen (18), you must obtain the authorization of the person who pays the bill before agreeing to agree to pay a fee.

1.8 No purchase available on the site huminecraft.com is related to Mojang.