What is the Minecraft version on the server ?

The server is in version 1.16.3
That you can benefit from the latest additions to the game as quickly as possible is one of our priorities. This is the reason why all the plugins on the server have been developed by our team to have the opportunity to update them very quickly.


How the map it is generated ?

The map is generated in Minecraft version 1.16.3.
All chunks are preloaded in advance to minimize latencies for the sake of providing you with the highest quality service.

What is the difficulty level ?

The difficulty level is on difficult.
Health generation is in ultra hardcore version. Remember to always have a healing potion or golden apples when you go exploring.

The coordinates are not displayed ?

Alas no. And it is for your protection !
We want to prevent a malicious player discovering your base, revealing your coordinates to the entire community and being forced to move at risk if not to become an easy target.
But do not worry about the orientation since by making a simple right click on your compass a menu will appear, allowing you to:


- Point the needle at a player of your choice if he has given his permission.

- Save your current position with the "/compass savepos" command and point the pointer to the same position.

- Point the needle at the place where you landed before starting your adventure.


- Point the needle towards the center of the map (x: 0; z: 0).


- Point the needle towards the different poles (north, east, south, west).


- And of course point the needle to your bed if it is not obstructed. It is advisable to test this feature when you have changed the location.

How to increase my chances to meet other players ?

It's true that on a map as big as this one, your chances of meeting new players are slim. Although by exploring we can already quickly find some traces of their passages.
If not you can borrow the Nether whose size is eight times smaller than the original world, 6 250 * 6 250 blocks. It is therefore easier to meet players or even portals leading directly to their home.

The world of the End, although its size is unlimited, players all arrive from the same place. This is another possibility.

Peaceful zone is generally those with the highest density of players. So if you want to meet people, go to them, it's one of the best solutions.

Are there any particular crafts ?

No craft that is not part of the original game is added here. We want HumineCraft to be a server that remains the most vanilla that possible.

What can be the utilities of a head looted by a person ?

At first, they can of course be used as decoration to furnish your base or more original constructions. Namely that the heads are used to eventually make you a trophy wall and barter based on their rarity. But they could also serve to prove for a mercenary the success of his mission in the assassination of a person.


How long does a season last and what does the end of it last ?

The duration of this season is not yet defined.
At the end of it, the egg of the Enderdragon is placed back in the End.

The player experience returns to level zero (nothing to do with enchantment levels).
And the cosmetics obtainable with the survival pass are changed.

You always keep what you have already got.


Do we have access to certain
teleportation orders ?

No such command exists within the server, so you do not need to try this commands /sethome, /home, /spawn etc. 




I would like to create my base in a hostile zone without taking the risk of finding it destroyed by other players after a few days, is it possible ?

That's all the interest of the gigantic map and random teleportation.

You will be able to build immense and magnificent constructions since the chances that a player crosses your position are minimal. But do not forget that you are on an open and free world and so there are risks.
However you can protect your base thanks to the protection effect of the beacon or at worst cases regenerate it after saving it.

Does each kingdom have a limited number of members ?

No limit is fixed, so you can create a kingdom of more than a thousand players without any problem.

Is it obligatory to disclose if one belongs to a kingdom ?

Nothing is imposed for that. Nevertheless a kingdom that wants to climb the ladder will inevitably be talked about.


Are robberies and betrayals accepted ?

We accept betrayal as long as this is a minimum Role-Play.

Finally, the theft of coffers, even if the base is protected by a beacon, is possible.

How does beacon protection work ?

When you have created your pyramid and placed your beacon at the top, a message appears in the chat explaining that you have to choose the effect "Resistance" to activate the effect of protection of the beacon. It is always possible to combine this effect with another, the protection will always work.

It is then impossible for opposing teams to place or directly break blocks within the range of your beacon and it is only possible to place TNT and interact with, use a lighter, redstone torches or a bucket of water.

Finally, it is also possible to access the chests or furnaces and to open the doors or even the trapdoors open by hand.

This protection, although it remains minimal, allows you to improve the protection of your base using traps or system without them being bypassed by a simple pickaxe.

To break the protection of an enemy base, destroy their beacon using TNT.

A kingdom can make another kingdom a dominion after a defeat or by negotiation (with obligation of tribute, taxes for example) ?

All this is possible, everything is a question of Role-Play. It is up to the players to set up politics, alliances or domination that they desire, with whom they want. No plugin is dedicated to this to give players complete freedom and give free rein to any type of agreement and any type of betrayal.


What are the points of glory ?

Glory points are only available when you belong to a kingdom and can appear in the rankings if you have a lot of them. They also allow to activate TNT in a protected area by a Beacon not belonging to your kingdom since it costs points.

How is it possible to win or lose glory points?

Earning points :

- Create kingdom : +50 points.

– Place a beacon : +300 points.

– Kill a player who does not belong to your kingdom : +35 points.

– Break a Beacon from another kingdom : +300 points.

–Place the egg of the Enderdragon after having captured it : +500 points.

- First day connected : +10 points

- Two days connected in a row : +20 points

- three days connected in a row : +30 points

- four days connected in a row : +40 points

- five days connected in a row : +50 points

- six days connected in a row : +60 points

- seven days connected in a row and more : +70 points


Losing points :

– Death other than by a player : -25 points.

– Death by a player not belonging to his kingdom : -35 points.

– Place TNT in a zone protected by a Beacon belonging to another kingdom : -1 point.

– Activate TNT in an area protected by a Beacon belonging to another realm: -9 points.

– To be captured Beacon or removed yourself : -300 points.

– To be captured the egg of the Enderdragon: -500 points.


What is the utility of the dragon egg?

The Dragon Egg is the rarest item you can get on the server. As such, it is extremely sought after by all, especially as it brings you every day points allowing you to climb the rankings.

Moreover the team owning it is found with the pseudo of purple color in order to be recognized by the whole community.


How to recover it ?

There are three ways to get it.

Either you're fast enough to shoot the Enderdragon first, or you'll be looking for it from an opposing team, or the egg is put back into play each month in the form of an event.

The egg is only obtainable if the player wanting to recover it has a team; otherwise it will have to create one with the command "/kingdom" before being able to recover it.

A simple right click is enough to put it in his inventory.
Attention, if you disconnect with the egg in your inventory, it will be placed on the ground, without protection.




How to get a parcel ?

The plots are obtained using pixels and the price varies according to their location and their size.
A simple right click on the purchase panel against the desired parcel is enough to buy it.


What are pixels ? And how do you make it ?

Pixel is the currency that mainly allows you to buy plots within peaceful areas but you can also exchange them between you to establish a business.
This currency can be obtained by completing daily and weekly challenges and passing certain levels of the survival pass.


What are the advantages of owning a plot ?

Inside a plot you can build and store your chests and resources without the possibility for a foreign player to retrieve them.
However some resources are limited or even prohibited inside. Then it will be necessary to buy another plot or hide everything out of it.


Can I go from one zone to another as I want ?

Of course, but it is good to know what happens when you enter or leave an area :

- When you pass the hostile zone you are unable for thirty seconds to hit the other players, destroy their buildings and loot them. You yourself can not be hit.


- When you pass the pacific zone, you are still vulnerable for 30 seconds to the damage from the players in the hostile zone or they were there for the last thirty seconds. SIf a player has been in a pacific zone for less than thirty seconds and is being hit by a hostile player, then ten more seconds are allocated to him before being immune to the damage of other players.

- Immediate impossibility if you enter peaceful zone to hit the peaceful players.




An experience bar ?

Nothing to do with the bar of experience that everyone knows and that allows to enchant his tools. Indeed, a second bar appears on the top of your screen with just mentioned below your current level.
It evolves as you accomplish daily challenges, weekly and passing levels of the survival pass.

It can measure your level against other players, earn cosmetics and unlock some purchases included in the shop.


How do daily challenges work ?

Three challenges per day are awarded, for each challenge you get experience, pixels and finally tokens to pass the levels of survival pass.
But beware, if you do not perform the challenges of a day, it will no longer be possible to accomplish them. Three others new will have taken their places.


How do the weekly challenges work ?

Each week gives way to seven new challenges to be accomplished and for each challenge you get, you get experience and tokens to pass the stages of the survival pass.
Unlike everyday challenges, not achieving the challenges planned for a week, do not make them inaccessible. So you have the time of a full season to complete each challenge.
If all the challenges have been accomplished before the end of the season, a valuable cosmetic is offered.
Weekly challenges are available only after you purchase the Survival Pass.


What is the Survival Pass ?

The survival pass is a list of about fifty levels with in almost every level a reward (experiences, pixels, cosmetics etc).
To pass the levels, it is very simple, it is enough to accomplish the daily challenges which will give you tokens, which will then allow you to unlock automatically a bearing if the number of necessary tokens has been reached.



Is there any paid content ?

No "Pay-To-Win" content on the shop.

 The only paid content therefore only allows access to cosmetics (particles, decorative objects and many other things).


How to buy cosmetics ?

On the shop of the website, it is possible to buy Humis that will allow you to exchange them for several offers available contained directly on the server.


What can I buy in exchange for Humis ?

You can access the cosmetic catalog contained directly on the server, their prices vary according to their rarity.

Unlock the second survival pass list, allowing you to double your rewards as you pass a level.

Access the new weekly challenges, allowing you to pass through the survival pass faster and try to win a legendary cosmetic if all were done before the end of the season.
Subscribe to the HC Club to gain access to several privileges.
Buy bearings directly from the survival pass.


What happens if the item I bought from the server shop has been destroyed or lost ?

A special inventory of all your cosmetics is available.
If an item has been destroyed or lost, you can directly recover it from this inventory.


What happens to my cosmetics if a new season restarts ?

Starting a new season does not impact the cosmetics you bought.
Only the Enderdragon egg that comes back to the End and the experience that goes back to zero (nothing to do with the levels of enchantments).

Are the purchases related to Mojang ?

Everything that is for sale on the website shop or on the server is not related to Mojang.




What are the means of communication available to interact with players ?


First of all there is obviously the textual chat in play but there is also a Discord group where you can chat textually and vocally with the others.
Here is the Discord group link :


Are all the players on the discord group ?


No, but the vast majority. It is strongly recommended to join the Discord group, whether to interact with the majority of players in writing or voice, follow news, participate in events and have a quick way of contact with a staff member.




Is there a plugin managing trades ?

No, there is no existing order to declare you officially logger, hunter, miner etc.
If you want to earn rewards in exchange for a specific service, it's up to you to establish a contract between your client and yourself.
We think that not including this kind of plugin enhances interaction between players and offers greater freedom.


Collaborative projects between players
are they possible ?

Know that this world belongs to you, you do what you want.
Were restrictions given to the first men who populated this planet? No.
On HumineCraft it's the same thing as long as you respect the few primary rules.





Lets you create your kingdom if you have not done so already and assign a name to it.

You have access to a menu listing the list of all your beacons, a menu listing your team members, a menu to create ranks and finally another menu highlighting the three greatest kingdoms on the server.



Murmur to a player.


/compass savepos

Save your position where you entered the order so you can return later with a certain option offered by the compass.


Know the number of pixels you have.


Displays the claim zone management menu.

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