Drapeau de la France
Drapeau de Royaume-Uni

The goal of Huminecraft ? To give you as much freedom as in a singleplayer mode and to let you play in several ways in a single server, each of them fitting perfectly with our concept. The main aspect is still the survival one, but you will also find a community aspect, confrontations, roleplays, builds, and mini games organised to increase user-friendliness among community. 

Health regeneration is ultra hardcore, so it's important to keep a healing potion or two with you.


Coordinates are deactivated, but the compass have more features to orient yourself.


The map has a size of 50 000 * 50 000 blocs, is generated in version 1.16.3 in large biomes and all chunks are pre-generated to reduce the lags of generation.

In this map, there are two differents areas :


The hostile area


This area, is perfect for the players that search for a real hard survival and the confrontation.

Upon your first connexion, before starting the game, choose this game mode and you will be able to choose between five several places selected randomly after a preview of each one. After your choice, you will start automatically like you were in a singleplayer mode, but with the possibility to meet others players along your exploration.


The advantage of this spawning system is that it allows you to spawn in a new undiscovered area and far away of others players that could be dangerous.

It also removes the obligation to travel thousand of blocs to find undiscovered area.

If one of your friend want to join you, he will be able to do it easily at the beginning, by choosing to join a friend rather than spawn in an undiscovered area.


In the hostile area, a lot of people are here to play with a difficulty and with the danger, but a lot of are also here to reach one goal : get the dragon egg, that is the greater objectif in our server for a player in this mode.

A special plugin exists on our server for that, that allows several things like :


- Create your kingdom with your friends and allies.


- Protect partially your kingdom with a beacon. (That is to say that it's impossible for others players to destroy or construct in your base without TNT).


- Have an interface to see and manage every allies of your kingdom.


- Create grades to manage your kingdom and give permissions to each player depending their role.


- Gain some glory points that allow to measure the might of your kingdom.


- Save your construction in your base to prevent a total destruction of it and to be able to reconstruct them. (Only the content of your chests will not be recovered).


The peaceful and community area


It has been designed to players that just want to play peacfully and want to share with community.

The confrontation between players is disabled in this area, and yu can buy private plot to haave a personal place to construct and to protect your chests.
Nevertheless, Some blocs and items are restricted or forbidden in these chest to avoid abuses. Thus, it will become mandatory, if you gather a lot of rare ressources, to hide it somewhere out of your private plot.


If you want to mine or collect a ressource, you don't have to join a parrallel world.


Concerning every construction or terraformation out of private plots, it's you that will have to organize with others players to create something coherent. It's the community that have to create its area as it want, to create path, farms, places, etc.


To avoid toxic players that just want to destroy or annoyed people, you have the possibility to report a player, and to create a public vote to ban this player.
It's good to know that on this server, a ban that has been cheched and confirmed is practically always definitive.
Have a cool and good atmosphere is really important to us and it's one of our priority.


Now that the several areas are presented and that you understood the main aspect of our concept, you can join usin the section above "Join Us". You will have to answer some questions to be sure you've understood the main rules and you will be added to the white list.
Some other subject have not been developped here (like daily challenge, the store of cosmetics, etc) to not make an endless presentation. You will discover all of that on the game, and don't hesitate to ask to the staff for any question ;) 


This is your world, your imagination is the only limit... Welcome to HumineCraft.


(Whitelisted Server, cracked version are not allowed).