1. Base protected by beacon

Each player is obliged to make his base accessible as well as all his other rooms with an entrance or a redstone system if it is protected by a beacon (so it is forbidden to completely close his base). If you don't, you can be sanctioned

2. Insulting content

HumineCraft gives each player the right to build whatever they want, regardless of size, location, and as long as it does not make any reference to racist, abusive, defamatory, or pornographic things.

It is forbidden to post racist, abusive, slanderous or pornographic messages, whatever the support used (text, photography ...) and to spam in the following interactive spaces: comment spaces, Discord group and chat game.

3. Fair-play

Since HumineCraft is a community-based server, it is strongly recommended that everyone demonstrate Fair Play when you assault an opposing base. Which means that it is better not to burn all the buildings, to destroy all existing chests and not to attack for no apparent reason.

The moderation team gives itself the right to punish if it happens in an abusive and repeated manner.


4. Prohibitions

Mods or resources packs which can make you : fly, see through the walls, make you invincible, display coordinates, display the map, see chests, teleport you, download the constructions or any other invention are strictly forbidden on the server and will be permanently banned.

Thus following mods are prohibited : Rey's Minimap or Voxel Map, Shematica, Nodus, etc.

Double account or more is also strictly prohibited.

As well as the generation in Elytra, which can cause lag, is prohibited in the Overworld and in the Nether.

5. Rights of Staff members

Staff members have some access to moderation orders, in no way deprive them of having fun on the server and have the right to change their game mode if they have to observe or help players on the server.

Since they have the right to observe players and their bases, Staff members are formally prohibited to attack player’s bases but can still defend themselves if they need to.


6. Respect of the landscape

On HumineCraft, players have the freedom to build what they want (as long as it meets rule number two), of the desired size and without being limited by a points-to-win system to increase the possibilities of construction.

However, it is forbidden to denature the landscape by depositing blocks no matter how or even transforming the landscape into holed landscape. If this is not respected, you will be warmed, and sanctioned.

In case of creeper’s hole, you will not be sanctioned, but it is great to fill it. Even if you don’t need all the wood of a tree, cut it entirely.

7. Systems

Systems in redstone or not that allow the duplication of objects are strictly

prohibited within the server.

Automatic systems are allowed but be careful not to abuse too much,

that could slow down the server.

So you can be AFK without problems to operate an automatic machine but if you stay too long and slowdowns are felt, Staff members give themselves the right to kick you from the game and / or disable your machine temporarily or permanently.

8. The egg of the EnderDragon

It is forbidden for the emperor and his members to hide the egg of the Ender Dragon outside their base. That is to say, it must be placed inside a area protected by a beacon or inside or very close to their base if they do not yet have a beacon. In the second case, it is strongly advised to ask a member of the Staff team to know if the position of the egg is correct or not.

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